UK Wholesale 100ml Alcohol Spray Bottles Great for Kids Returning to School

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These spray bottles are perfect for spraying various such as water, perfume, alcohol, hand sanatiser etc. They are suitable for home and travelling and office as well. You can clean tiny, not easily cleaned things with the help of these bottles. At the same time, handy and portable as they are, you can take them anywhere in a small handbag as you like.

They are so easy to use that you simply need to fill the bottle and pump the bottle with your finger and tiny power, after finishing the above process, the bottle would function greatly. Not only do they can be used in cleaning affairs but you can also spray the harmless liquid to your face or any other parts of your body, for the bottles themselves are health-friendly.

The atomizer has high-quality fine spray nozzle, the pressure point for spraying is clearly noticeable, the output is constant, fine and foggy. The spray bottle works perfectly with facial toner and light liquids.

You don’t have to worry about environment pollution since the bottles are made of high-quality plastic and non-toxic PET material. They are BPA free, healthy and odorless. So they can be used for homemade mouth spray.

The spray nozzle comes out a very fine mist that is evenly distributed. The bottles have strong jet force which can spray a long distance.