Enjoy Your Motorhome Vacation without the Mossies

Ganvol Solar Mosquito Lamp

Cost-effective & non-toxic solution to keep the mosquitoes & small flies at bay during the night time, when the lamp is the only light source to help the mosquitoes to navigate through places.

Trap & Kill

Mosquitoes & small flies flying through the light tunnel will be sucked in and trapped at the bottom compartment. As they cannot escape, they will die after being trapped for hours. 

Ultra Quiet

The suction power is provided by a small and quiet fan powerful enough to draw in the small insects flying by. 

Easy Cleaning

As the mosquitoes dehydrate and die when trapped inside, they can be seen through the clear compartment wall and easily cleaned away.

Small Size

Doesn’t take up much room. Easily movable to any corner of the house.

Versatile Power Option

Powered through its built-in USB 2.0 cable. It works with all phone charger, power bank, laptop, and car charger with USB 2 port. 


Weighing about 0.4kg, it can be carried around easliy. 

Sleep Companion

Sleep better without the annoying buzz sound near your ears.