A Decade Ago We Started From Humble Beginnings

Hong Kong, China

Right at the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, our company founders started the venture with a simple goal: helping people to save money and carry on by sourcing affordable products. Every little counts at the time when jobs were cut around the world.

Shenzhen, China

In 2009, we set up our Shenzhen company to expand our sales, operations and busineses.
In the years to come, our new endeavors had some setbacks. However, our founders kept on trying with perseverance and innovation, despite of repeated failures.

London, United Kingdom

In 2015, we incorporated our first EU company in London, United Kongdom.
Through this company, we served hundreds and thousands of EU customers. We are so blessed to have supportive customers, who are the cornerstone of the development of our business.

Düsseldorf, Germany

One year after we established our presense in EU through our UK company, unfortuntely, UK people collectively voted to leave EU. In 2019, while the Brexit cloud was yet to be cleared, we decided to branch out further by forming our EU mainland company at Düsseldorf, Germany.
Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, we stand ready to provide affordable and reliable products and services to our customers in the whole Europe.

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